Scapes & Perspective

I’ve been trying to work on my framing. I feel almost that I’m a bit tilted as a person…
At least that’s what the pictures say. I’ve also been trying to let the uncomfortable be okay.
Some of these images I love, some I have issues with.
Such is life, eh?

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Here are some people. From the past 3-4 months.

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The Moon & the Sun

In August, Matt and I drove up to Oregon to see the eclipse. We got a spot in the path of totality.
The eclipse only lasted 2 mins or so, but it was SO worth it. Even with the long drive and the traffic. We were among our tribe, the nerds.
These are the very few pictures I was able to capture without destrying my camera.
Science is so cool.
The last two pics are of the sun, by it’s self. The drive home was basically through a smoke cloud.
The fires in CA were out of control this year. Super sad.

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Color Factory

These pictures are from a team building trip with my lovely Apcera team.
This is the best team I’ve ever had the honor of working with. <3

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Summer Time

Summer was fun this year. It even got over 100 in the Bay. That was SO fun.

Jokes. These are jokes. Summer flew by. I’m still shocked that it is November.
Here are some pictures from when it was warm. :)

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